Artful Insights

Step Back into the American West,
Where Art and History Come Together.

Artful Insights are limited to a small number of visitors so each guest can have an intimate experience with the art and Museum guide.  Advance reservations are highly recommended, as programs often sell out.  Tickets are not refundable for sold-out events.

Artful Insight -
George Catlin

August 7th, 2017

George Catlin was the first of many painters to choose the West as his main source of subject matter. Beginning in the 1830s, he took many trips up the Missouri River to the Dakotas, observing first-hand the buffalo hunts, ceremonies, and rituals of the Mandan. During this Artful Insight we will discuss three paintings by Catlin which are in the Collection. Each one depicts an aspect of the Mandan’s social and cultural history, and serves as an extraordinary record of a tribe that was nearly decimated by Small Pox soon after they were painted.


Artful Insight -
Helen Frankenthaler

August 21st, 2017

Join us for a special conversation on Helen Frankenthaler’s Phoenix, 1976, and the advent of Abstract Expressionism in the West. Frankenthaler pioneered her trademark staining technique, by which paintings like the one at the American Museum of Western Art were created by pouring thin layers of paint onto unprimed canvas.


Artful Insight -
Thomas Moran

September 18th, 2017

Join us for an Artful Insight featuring the life and works of Hudson River School artist, Thomas Moran. Find out why paintings like this one encouraged later generations of artists to travel west, and even persuaded Congress to annex the Yellowstone region as the first national park.


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